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Russell Waite T.P
Mail: rsw.entreprises@orange.fr Micro systems
Micro stations are becoming more and more common even throught
the sanition departements usually prefer the traditional systems. We install
these when there is not very much room or other possibilty.
Some mirco stations need a perminante supply of electricity and some are
only for perminate homes, as they need a supply of waste otherwise the
bacteria will dry up and the system will be damaged (worse case broken).

There are lot’s of micro stations that exist but they MUST be conform to the
‘Filières ANC agrées - Journal officiel’ AND be baught in France.

Micro systems, like there name says, are very compact and can come in
Either one or two tanks depending on the systems.
List of micro systems TRICEL																																												COMPACT’O

EPURFIX - Coconut