Assainissements                  Hire/Location                       Sanitation work
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Russell Waite T.P
This is a very small, compact station (l : 210, L : 164, h : 214 (cm))
that is conform to French  regulations. There are a lot of English people
selling these stations in France but YOU MUST KNOW that some are
NOT conform to French regulations and will not pass the final inspection
with the sanitation departement!
The systems we install are conform to current French laws and
Regulations and come with CE certificats and CSTB lab tested aproval!

These stations incorporate your fosse and your treatement zone : you
could say that they are an ‘all in one’! Unlike the tradionale systems
you need to keep a close eye on theses staions and they do need
maintenance (every year).
The Tricel is only allowed for perminat homes as the bacteria that
Makes the sewerage into sludge needs to be  in constant use otherwise
The bacteria will dry up and your system will be no good!
3 months is the longest periode that the system can be left with out
being used!
Tricel Pics